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Avoid Fake Virus Scams

I am frequently hearing from clients that a window or web page has popped up telling them they have many viruses.  They are then told to call the number on the screen to get these removed. These people often pretend to be from Microsoft.  Microsoft will NEVER do this. I strongly urge you to:

  • Never call that number. If you do they will get you to let them access your computer, pay them, then they will further infect your computer.
  • The malware that is giving you this warning will often not let you close the browser tab or the web browser and sometimes it will prevent your from shutting down your computer.  If you can't close the window or web page, hold the power button on your computer or device for 10-20 seconds.  It should shut down.
  • Re-start your computer to see if you still have a problem. If you do call me: 250-353-8432.
  • If things look OK start your web browser and clear your browser cache
  • Scan your computer with your antivirus software.

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